We are the Ain Shams University Energy Community

A student-based community supporting students of the Ain Shams University Faculty of Engineering. Our goal is to:

Encourage workshops, talks & discussions by students for students.

Provide access to trainings, site visits, & talks through our partners.

Reinforce the ASU Energy Alumni Community.

Establish Women for Engineering

We could never do it without our teams!

The Graphic Design Team

A group of creatives shaping the visual identity of the Energy Community and working on three main aspects:

  1. Creating illustrations such as posters, flyers and social media graphics.
  2. Creating the Energy Community brand identity (logos, themes and videos).
  3. Photographing, video shooting and editing footage of the Community’s events.

Public Relations and Fundraising

A team of our most presentable students who work on representing the Community all around. This team has three main goals:

  1. Networking with companies and individuals in the industry in order to facilitate talks, trainings, site visits and events.
  2. Preparing our valued speakers for their talks.
  3. Spreading the word about future events on campus.

Sustainability Team

(Coming Soon)

An upcoming collaboration with the Ain Shams University Electrical Power and Machines Department.

The Writing Team

The budding writers are the voice of the Energy Community, combining research and writing skills to build an Energy blog. The magazine discusses topics such as energy markets, student life and academia. The writers engage in composing social media content as well, marketing for the Energy Community.

Women for Engineering

An open society that supports all women in the Energy field and works to abolish stereotypes regarding woman in this field. The goal is to raise awareness by raising subjects of humanitarian importance and providing exposure to women in leading roles.

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