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Written by Mohamed Alazab Edited by Malak Manie An overview of energy storage technologies Energy storage is not new. Batteries have been used since the early 1800s, and pumped-storage hydropower has been operating in the United States since the 1920s. But the demand for a more dynamic and cleaner grid has led to a significantContinue reading “Energy Storage”

الطاقة الشمسية في الفضاء

بقلم احمد خلف اللهتحرير ملك منيع     بالرغم من التقدم الهائل في مجال الطاقة المتجددة خاصة الطاقة الشمسية في مصر والدول علي مستوي العالم، إلا أن هذه الوسيلة التي تضمن لنا بقاء للطاقة بمقدار كاف، تواجه مشكلات كثيرة تؤثر عليها بالسلب، ك وجود السحب، الأتربة ، حالة الطقس، وعدم كفاءتها في المنشآت الليلية وأيضا فقدانContinue reading “الطاقة الشمسية في الفضاء”

Where do our wastes go?

Written by Haneen GamalEdited by Malak Manie We are a wasteful lot on planet Earth. We do not mean to be, but this is an inherent and unavoidable feature of human society. The process of living, eating, working and playing all utilize consumer products whose production and use generates wastes. As the saying goes, “EveryContinue reading “Where do our wastes go?”

Effect of Covid-19 on the Energy Sector

The world is changing; the pandemic has shaken us all to our core. No one can predict when will this storm finally pass. Uncertainty can be the word of the year, we simply do not know how much disruption the pandemic has made to our lives, and for how many years we will be suffering its ramifications. Since we can only predict, in this article, we will be showing you different points of view from world-leading energy experts on how the pandemic has affected energy as a whole and renewable energy to be specific, and how they presume the next few years will be like.

The Academic Year 2020

It’s a unique number that etched the totally novel events in our memories, imposing its circumstances on all our lives and daily routines. 2020 is definitely not the perfect year to try out a new experience or start something up. The circumstances which all of us, around the globe, are going through spread out fear and stress towards our health and our beloved ones’ health. However, on another shiny, full of hope and optimistic perspective, life is still going. We still go here and there even with some restrictions and precautions. The new academic year has started, different and unique in comparison to the past years.

The Egyptian Market: Career Advice for Aspiring Energy Engineers

As an undergraduate, you may stumble upon many development opportunities that can boost your career as an engineer. Which ones should you go for? Should you apply for just any opportunity? Remember the famous phrase “Quality Over Quantity”? Well, we use it a lot, but what if you don’t know which field you want yet? Shouldn’t you give it a try?

The Egyptian Market: An Insight

According to investors, the current Egyptian energy market can be considered to be attractive, due to a relatively stable economy and government. The country is witnessing some interesting advancements: from mega projects and technological enhancements to a solid strategy to ensure further diversification of the energy mix. However, the ever-worsening surplus problem poses a threat to all industry stakeholders, including us: aspiring energy engineers.

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